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Keep Bears Wild

The Friends of Yoho National Park promotes the education and appreciation of keeping bears wild. Keeping Bears Wild is based on the idea that through education, harmful interactions between humans and bears can be reduced. If the interaction between humans and bears can be kept to a minimum, the result will be a limited number of relocations and a sustained population of bears within our Parks.

Black Bear Keep Bears Wild

Some ways in which we can keep bears wild and healthy, as well as keep humans safe, are:

  • Give bears space and the freedom to feed and forage undisturbed along highways, roads and other areas
  • Don’t leave any bear attractants (food, garbage, toiletries) lying around your campsite, picnic area, on trails or in towns
  • We can all do our part to share this landscape responsibly - give bears, and all wildlife, the respect they deserve and the space they need.

If you would like to learn more about our “Keep Bears Wild” initiative listen to our Podcast.

Keep Bears Wild Podcast

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